Welcome to Elda's world of CBD

Elda is a company which operates on the global market for more than 30 years. From the first day of our establishment we are trying to be sensitive on customers wishes and needs. According to these whishes we are trying to produce the most quality products.

Today when we live in very stressful world, people need something that will affect relaxing on their body and that will bring many health benefits. One solution is CBD, the second most prominent compound in cannabis which has no psychoactive effects. In our offer you can find CBD e-liquids and drops. Both types will ensure you real results and many noticeable benefits.

Recently, the company has opened new production facility with a wide range of new machines. Now we are offering possibilities for testing e-liquids on nicotine level which consumer receives during vaping and also on same harmful substances like metals, toxicants and impurities. Machinery supports also cannabis testing in order to make it pure from all damaging substances like pesticides, heavy metals, moisture or some cannabinoids which have bad influence on a human body.